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Request for Proposal (RFP)

CureARS will sponsor research for the mitochondrial ARS genes that is in line with our mission of pushing science forward and must aide in the identification of a treatment or a cure. Our programs are for Sponsored Research Projects rather than a one-time grant. All sponsored research programs are funded through donations, grants or other fundraising platforms. Each project must have a clear benefit to the patients affected by the mitochondrial ARS genes. We are interested in research that falls into the following categories: diagnostics, natural history, disease modeling studies, biorepositories, patient registries, or therapeutic modeling.

Sponsored Research Projects

A Sponsored Research Project is a funding arrangement in which the awardee is in agreement to provide a defined deliverable or complete a set of activities for, CureARS (the Sponsor) in exchange for the funds. CureARS expects significant findings from research activities it supports to be promptly submitted for publication.  CureARS highly encourages awardee to share significant findings or otherwise act to make these findings widely useful and usable.

Salary Cap & Indirect Costs

  • CureARS will not agree to covering indirect costs

  • There is a salary limitation for all requested proposals received by CureARS which is based on the NIH cap for requested grants.

How to apply?

  • Cover Letter, should not exceed 1 page

  • List of participating individuals from all specialties, their role on the project and qualifications 

  • Detailed annual budget with budget justification

  • CV of Lead Investigators

  • Proposal should be no more than 5 single spaced pages with a minimum font size of 12.

  • Include deliverables with coordinating milestone payment information within the proposal.

Proposal requirements

  • Prefer experience with mitochondrial ARS genes either research or extensive clinical experience

  • Prefer multi-disciplinary team and encourage collaborations with outside institutions.

  • Willingness and ability to provide updates periodically with CureARS

  • Willingness and ability to make all significant findings widely available

  • Encourage sharing research and/or research findings at our annual CureARS Symposium

Submission requirements

  • Proposals are evaluated on an ongoing basis and based on available funding

  • Email the completed proposal to

review process

Sponsored research is reviewed and final decisions are made by our Board of Directors acting on recommendations from our Co-Founders, Ashley Rowland and Desiree Magee.

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