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New ICD-10 Code
for the ARS2 Genes

Thanks to the effort of Cure LBSL, Josh Bonkowsky, MD, PhD and Monika Baker, MD (University of Utah), we are excited to announce the expansion of the leukodystrophy ICD-10-CM codes.

Effective October 1, 2023, all 19 ARS2 conditions will now be coded as: E88.43 Disorders of Mitochondrial tRNA Synthetases

What does this mean?

"ICD-10-CM codes allow health care providers and researchers to collate information on specific diseases from patients worldwide, which can lead to improvements in patient care and accelerate research. Bonkowsky and Monika Baker, PhD, created new ICD-10-CM codes for 12 leukodystrophies and reclassified three codes."

How you can help?

At each doctors appointment ask the team to add the E88.43 code to your medical records.

Learn More about the project here:

Leukodystrophy table-blue.jpeg
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