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Board of Directors

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Ashley Rowland

Co-Founder / CEO / Board Director

Ashley Rowland is a co-founder for CureARS. She has a bachelor's degree in biology & psychology from Rutgers University. She has worked in Clinical Research within the pharmaceutical industry since 2008 in various project management roles.


After her daughter, Aubrie was diagnosed with Leukoencephalopathy with Ovarian Failure (LKENP) from AARS2 mutation, she made it her mission in life to raise awareness and raise money for research for the mitochondrial ARS genes with the ultimate goal to save her daughter's life and other individuals affected by these genes. 


Ashley struggled to find her purpose in the early days of diagnosis and found hope in the prospect of a future treatment option.

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Kevin Anderson Jr. 

Secretary / Board Member

Kevin Anderson Jr. is the secretary for CureARS. He has a background in pharmaceuticals within a number of different supply chain management roles since 2019.

Kevin was eager to get involved with CureARS when someone he held dear to his heart was diagnosed with AARS2 LKENP. Since then, he and the board have been working hard to find a way to help affected families in any way they can.

Kevin's passion is to help the ARS gene community in saving the lives of their loved ones with the ultimate goal of advancing research to find a cure. He hopes to watch those affected live long, happy and healthy lives.

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Tram Thompson

Business Advisor / Board Member

Tram Thompson is a business advisor and a board member of CureARS. She received her Master's of Social Work from Rutgers University and is an LCSW. She has a background in providing therapy for children and adolescents. In the last several years, she has shifted her focus to starting her own family and managing her family's business, an experience that has tested her patience and humbled her. She hopes to use her experience to support CureARS. 

CureARS is close to Tram's heart as her goddaughter, Aubrie, has been diagnosed with AARS2. Aubrie and Tram's son, Keo, are best friends and it is the goal that they continue to grow together being healthy and happy.

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Desiree Magee

Co-Founder / CFO / Board Director

Desiree Magee is a co-founder for CureARS.  She has a bachelor's in science and business administration with a concentration in Marketing from Northeastern University.  She has worked in Federal Government Contracts since 2009.

After her daughter Daphne, was diagnosed with Leukoencephalopathy with Thalamus and Brainstem Involvement with High Lactate (LTBL) from EARS2 mutation, also called Combined Oxidative Phosphorylation Deficiency 12 (COXPD12), she started the non-profit Daphne's Lamp to help Mito families afford the cocktail and Mobility Devices.

After years of helping families it is evident research is not meeting the needs for Mito families.  Her mission is to save her child's life and the lives of others affected by Mito.

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Amy Armahizer

Social Media Director / Board Member

Amy Armahizer is the Social Media Director for CureARS. She is currently a graduate student at Montclair State University majoring in Public and Organizational Relations with a focus in Social Media Marketing. She has worked in a number of different roles in social media management and nonprofit fundraising throughout her career, and looks forward to marketing for CureARS as we grow.

When her niece, Aubrie, was diagnosed with AARS2 LKENP, Amy knew that her and her family would do anything in their power to save not just Aubrie's life, but any other impacted individuals that have been given similar devastating news, and they plan to do just that.

As you could imagine, when receiving such news, it is easy to feel hopeless and not know what the next steps entail. At the end of the day, Amy's mission is to spread awareness and to spread hope to those who feel like they have none left. There is power in numbers, and nothing we cannot take on together.

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