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Researching Rare / Funding a Cure

Location: Facebook / Virtual
Date: November 29, 2022

Facebook will match up to 7 million dollars for those who sign up to donate monthly to a nonprofit on Facebook.

Donate Early & Win Prizes!

Fundraising Goal: $15,000 

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Ways to Donate

Unlock this generous match and make 2x the difference!

Facebook is matching up to 7 million dollars for those who sign up to donate monthly to an eligible nonprofit on Facebook. Matching this Giving Season goes until December 31, 2022, or until the 7 million match fund is spent. Recurring donations must be set-up now until December 31st. Facebook will limit one recurring donation up to $100. 

Balloon Fundraiser

There will be 50+ balloons each with a sheet of paper. Some balloons will have a prize and others will not. Donors will have a chance to win a prize. Balloons will be popped on Facebook Live after every 5-10 donations that occur now or on GivingTuesday. For those that set-up recurring donations, there will be two balloons popped and double the chances to win. Prizes include: Kate Spade Picture Frame, Kiwi Crate (children's activity kit), Crochet Winter Hats, Kid's Crochet Blankets, CureARS Swag and more.

Birthday Balloons

100% of Funding goes to research

At CureARS all work is done voluntarily and 100% of funding from this event will fund the CHOP Drug Repurposing Project. The aim of this innovative research is to establish and study a full set of animal models for all 19 mitochondrial aminoacyl tRNA synthetase (ARS) genes and to evaluate potential therapies in these models via high-throughput screening. To learn more about our current research, click here.

CureARS was founded by two moms, who were told that their child was terminal and there was nothing that can be done to stop progression of their disease. Both were sent home with limited resources and no treatment plan. Daphne Magee (7) and Aubrie Rowland (4) are both affected by a Mitochondrial ARS Disorder.


Every life matters!

All affected by the ARS genes are living with a progressive and terminal illness, many are children. CureARS is working to fulfill this unmet need and funding a cure for ARS! 

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